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Is Porsche a German or an Italian brand?

Porsche is a German brand for high-performance luxury sports cars, based in Stuttgart, Germany. It is owned by Volkswagen VG.

Why are Porsche cars so expensive?

Putting aside the reputation of the brand, Porsches cost more than the average car due to its low production, high-quality materials, and revolutionary vehicular technology. The company behind the brand often prefers quality above anything else — high standards that cost money. 

Are Porsche cars reliable?

The recent U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study conducted by J.D. Power states that the Porsche 911 model bested almost all of the cars included in the research, making Porsche one of the most reliable luxury car brands in 2021 — three consecutive years in a row!

What Porsche model should I get?

This decision also lies with what you’d like to prioritize in a car, the style you’re going for, and the budget you have. But if you’re really not sure where to start, it’s always good to consider checking the classic models to get a feel for the brand and what features it can offer.

How much does a Porsche cost?

The price depends on varying factors including the model of the car and additional special features or “trim level”. But the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for some of the brand’s most famous models are as listed:


  • 911 Carrera Models (starting at – $97,400)
  • 911 Carrera T Models (starting at – $102,100)
  • 911 Targa 4 Models (starting at – $110,300)
  • 911 GTS Models (starting at – 4120,700)

Is this brand really worth the money?

Of course, the immediate answer depends on your circumstances and how long you’re planning to use the same car. If you’re looking for something long-term and durable, then Porsche is definitely a brand you should consider especially due to its customizability (Porsche cars can be personalized anywhere from the inside to the exterior and this can be anything from color, material, shape and size!).