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Welcome to Porsche Madness!

"I wanted to build cars that were not something to everyone, but meant everything to some"

Ferry Porsche

We are your new one-stop blog where you can learn all about your Porsche addiction, er, hobby, in a safe environment while having a little fun along the way. There are lots of blogs and groups out there in the Porsche world, and I suggest you browse through them (after you earmark this one to get all the new goodies and postings) to learn as much as you can about the car of your dreams. 

Why, when there are so many other boo-coo sources of information on Porsches do we need yet another? Hmm, let me share my experience. I am a lifetime Porsche aficionado. Yes, I own a classic “Guards Red” 911. Yes, I earned it. And yes, it is the love of my life, just after my wife and kids (sorry Mom).  After so many years of trying to educate myself on Porsches and 911s (which are my focused addiction), I realized that I was avoiding some places for information because like all things Internet, they had become places of argument, people wanting to control conversations, and put-downs. 

Gadzooks! Opinions! Porsche owners don’t have opinions! No, they have Opinions! Yes, us Porsche owners can get rather heated (and like some of the cars, overheated) about the fine details between the best model or year, a water-cooled versus an air-cooled engine (that is a whole blog to itself), and lot of other things.  You will find, sadly, like many things German (sorry guys, the truth hurts) most blogs and interactions tend to become…. well, kind of bogged down in who is right, who uses the correct technical jargon for the thing-a-ma-jig, and on and on. You all know exactly what I am talking about as it happens with everything on the Internet.  Those blogs begin to feel like an exclusive club that turns into a high and mighty frat.