The Porsche Enigma: Should You Go for A Convertible or A Hardtop Car to Drive in The Summer?

October 27, 2021
10:00 am

Trying to decide on a new car to drive around this summer can be difficult. Many different options are available, but it’s hard to choose between a convertible and a hardtop. Convertibles offer an exhilarating experience while driving, and they provide the perfect opportunity for you and your passengers to enjoy the wind in your hair. On the other hand, some people prefer the safety of a hardtop, especially if you have long drives or children who may not stay seated.

Advantages of Purchasing a Convertible

Make A Statement

Porsche convertibles are recognized everywhere you go. Your neighbors, friends, and random people will compliment your car because it says something about you. People who purchase Porsche’s know that they are driving the finest car on the road. The luxury of owning a convertible is not for everyone; however, if you can afford one, there is no need to question why anyone would buy one other than personal satisfaction.

Enjoyable Driving Experience

Driving with the top down makes even long trips bearable. It also allows passengers to feel more comfortable without being cramped up in the vehicle. All of your passengers must enjoy themselves while riding around town or on a long trip. The wind in their hair will be refreshing for anyone who chooses to ride with the top down.

Experience Different Seasons All-Year Round

For people who live in temperate climates, this is a crucial advantage that can’t be understated. Since Porsche’s are so expensive, you’re not just going to purchase one car and only drive it in good weather unless you have another car for when it’s too cold or snows outside. Driving around town with your convertible makes it take some time to get used to, but it would become second nature after a while. Just make sure not to leave your roof up when it starts raining!

Cons of Buying a Convertible

Convertibles can be pretty expensive. You’ll have to spend some extra money if you don’t want to be without a roof over your head. You can expect to pay an additional $5,000 to $9,000 on top of your total price. However, you pay for what you get.

The safety of the environment is jeopardized. A “ragtop” is far more challenging to break into than a hardtop for apparent reasons. As a result, you should take all valuables out of the visible car. This is something you should do anyway, but it’s even more important in a convertible.

It’ll be a noisy ride. Roll down all of your windows and see if you like it the next time you’re driving down the highway. Driving a convertible will be that loud, but if you’re okay with it, it won’t be a problem. Going through the neighborhood streets isn’t bad, but familiarize yourself with a loud cabin before purchasing if you prefer to drive on the highway.

The interior of the building deteriorates rapidly. Consider how much damage your interior will take when the top is down and the sun is shining. When you have leather seats, things get a whole lot worse. Dashboards, steering wheels, and even seatbelts are all at risk of being damaged.

Advantages of a Hardtop Purchase

Hardtops are unquestionably the more durable option. They’re tough and can withstand the kind of damage that would rip a soft-top apart. As a result, they’ll last longer and require less maintenance in the long run.


In the winter, driving with a soft top can make it difficult to keep your Jeep warm. A hardtop is more insulating than a soft top so that you can keep the cold air out of the cabin. When you have a hardtop, the summer heat is also less penetrating. The insulation also makes the interior much quieter while driving.

Roof Rack

A hardtop is required for any roof rack add-on if you need extra storage space. Kayaks, for example, will not fit inside, so you’ll need to find a way to transport them in your Wrangler. Bikes and tents are two other items that may require a roof rack.


Hardtops can also be used as a form of security. That means any valuables or items you keep in your Wrangler will be better protected. It’s much more difficult to get through a hard top than getting through a soft top.

Cons of Buying a Hardtop

Hard to Remove

If you ever decide to change your roof type for any reason, removing a hardtop can be a challenge. Given the size of the roof, it’s usually a two-person job. Putting it back on is even more difficult than taking it off, so plan accordingly if you plan on driving without a top during nice weather.

Replacement Cost

While a hardtop lasts longer than a soft-top, it can be quite expensive when it comes time to replace it. If you intend to drive your Wrangler for an extended period, keep this in mind.

Storage Needs

If you decide to go with a soft-top or go without a top for a while, you’ll need a place to put your hardtop. Hardtops are rigid and large, whereas soft tops can fold down.

Important Factors to Consider Before Making Your Decision

It’s crucial to think about maintenance when buying a convertible. Convertibles, on average, require more maintenance than a standard car, though the amount of maintenance varies by model. Over time, a classic vintage soft top will be very vulnerable to rain and sun damage. Weatherproofing technology in modern soft-top models is much better. The Range Rover Evoque, for example, claims to be car wash proof. However, storing it in a protected area will benefit you in the long run. A hardtop convertible is less susceptible to weather damage. Still, the electric top necessitates more mechanical moving parts than a regular car, which necessitates regular maintenance and checkups to ensure all of these parts are moving correctly.

Because soft-top convertibles are easier to break into, they tend to have more security issues. Modern car companies try to address the security issue of owning a soft-top convertible by including high-tech security features like the Mazda MX’s Engine immobilizer, which prevents it from being hot-wired. Consider where you’ll store your convertible, especially if it’s a soft top, and what security features are included before purchasing.

In the event of a rollover road accident, a convertible’s lack of a roof creates an obvious vulnerability. However, modern automobile manufacturers are working hard to reduce the risks associated with driving a convertible. The superior safety rating of the Volvo C70 convertible, for example, has been praised. In front, rear, and side collisions, it performs well, and it has quick-reacting safety technology in the event of a rollover. It’s worth doing your research because some convertibles have much higher safety ratings than others.

While driving with the top down may appear fun, it can also be cold, windy, and noisy. When purchasing a convertible, make sure to look into the noise and wind deflectors that come standard. With the roof up, some modern convertibles are just as comfortable as any other vehicle. When the top is down, many convertibles have a wind deflector to reduce noise. Many modern convertibles have seat and steering wheel warming technology to combat the draft that can be uncomfortable when driving with the top down in the colder months.

Best Time of Year for Each Car Type, Based on Climate

The best time for a convertible is no matter the climate, but the spring and summer seasons are excellent for people who have a car that can be driven with the top down. It is not as necessary to have a convertible in warmer climates as the top can stay up, even if it is really hot! In cooler climates, driving with the top down is much more pleasant during those cold months.

Every climate is different and it can be difficult to determine the best time of year for the hardtop. In places with a higher chance of rain, such as the Pacific Northwest states, it is better to purchase your hardtop before winter when there are more clear days. In warmer climates, such as California or Florida, the best times for hardtops are usually in summer or springtime when temperatures can reach upwards of 100 degrees.

Best Place for Each Type of Car Depends on Its Purpose

The best place to purchase a convertible depends on what you want the vehicle for. If you are looking for something that you can take to the beach, it would be best to look up classified ads in your region. If your main goal is commuting to work, go online and find the car you are looking for. It’s important to know what you are purchasing before jumping into any decisions or conversations with salespeople.

The hardtop is a great addition to a convertible, but it can be up to 100 pounds in weight and is difficult to install in some cars. With the winter coming up, many people are trying to figure out where they should store their hardtops so they have them when the warmer weather comes around again.

To keep your kids from scratching or denting it up when they’re playing outside, the best option is the garage.

How much more expensive are convertibles than hardtops?

Convertibles are more expensive because the chassis requires more structural rigidity without a roof to support it and the additional engineering required to achieve this.

When a car is subjected to normal driving conditions, the roof usually provides the rigidity required to withstand the forces and stresses inflicted on its chassis. Because these complex engineering requirements cost money, the convertible’s price is raised to ensure that a profit can still be made.

Convertibles are also more expensive because they require additional mechanisms to operate the roof and additional safety features to protect the occupants in the event of a collision, particularly one in which the vehicle rolls over.

Because it is made of solid material, the solid roof of a normal car provides some protection in a rollover. Convertibles, on the other hand, are not like that. Convertibles require either a fixed rollbar or more complex spring-loaded systems to protect the driver and passengers in the event of a rollover.


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