Quick Tips and Tricks to Buy a Cheap Porsche

July 1, 2021
11:29 am

We all want to buy a Porsche and buying a Porsche is one of the most expensive purchases you might ever make. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to buy a Porsche and not break the bank. Here we are and we’re going to show you how with these tips and tricks! We’ll also cover how you should prepare before going into a dealership to help you buy a cheap Porsche.

Before Buying a Car

The first thing you should do is budget–you can’t afford to buy a Porsche, so start there. Then ask yourself these frequently asked questions:

Drive around the city, or even one close by. Check for signs that say “Porsches For Sale”–those are usually the cheapest ones available because they’re secondhand!

Consult with professionals like mechanics and Porsche specialists who may know more than the average person about these expensive vehicles. They might have some tricks up their sleeve that could help you purchase a cheaper vehicle in general.

How Much Does a Porsche Cost?

The price for new Porsches can vary depending on the model, but they’re definitely not cheap enough to warrant skipping out on some of these little checks that are important in buying any car no matter what brand!

While there are some Porsche models that come in at the higher end of the price spectrum, such as a Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid ($150k), it’s not too difficult to find more affordable options. For example, a 2017 Boxster has an MSRP of $60K and for those with less spending power than others, this is a great option!

There are lots of different factors to consider when buying any car and brand new Porsches will always be pricier because they have warranties while used ones do not.

Tips and Tricks to Buy a Cheap Porsche

Start with Your Dream Car

Find one that fits all of your needs but don’t think about buying it just yet! This will help you figure out what features are important to have in order for this vehicle to fit into your life.

Consider Necessary Factors

While making up this list, make sure you include things like gas mileage, insurance rates (especially if you’re going through an agent), resale value or trade back potential, and even color options down the line. If something isn’t on this list then it’s probably not as important as some of these other factors.

Take Note of What You Really Want

Make a list of the things that you absolutely cannot do without and put them in order to figure out which ones are more important such as safety features like airbags, ABS brakes or steering wheel locks because they can save your life! 

Once you have this list then start looking for used cars on websites such as Craigslist (or even eBay) from sellers who meet these criteria.

Don't Gauge Too Low

Be wary about buying a car with a history of accidents–it could be anything from water damage up through frame rot. If it’s not too expensive we suggest having an inspection done by someone at least before going ahead and signing any paperwork if possible.


Decide the Transmission Type

The next thing to keep in mind is the type of transmission: manual vs . automatic. Manual transmissions are easier to fix in the event of transmission failure and they’re cheaper to insure, but automatics offer more convenience for daily driving.

Check Out the Seat Wear Too

The seats can indicate a lot about how well cared for the car has been over its life span. If you have any doubt on whether or not it’s worth buying then hold off until you find one that is in better condition! 

You’ll save yourself lots of headaches when looking back later on down the line with regrets if necessary. For instance, faded seats could mean an improperly air-conditioned interior during hot days which means potential mold damage being left unchecked as time goes on.

Take It for a Spin

It is recommended to have multiple test drives so you know just how well it handles with your individual driving style.

Finally, make sure there is history available from either Carfax or AutoCheck before going ahead and buying a used Porsche. If you have any doubt about whether or not it’s worth purchasing then hold off until you find one is in better condition!

Guides on How to Buy from a Dealer

Always remember that the best time to buy your car is right before it’s about to expire on its registration or at the end of the month when dealerships are trying to clear their lot so be sure to keep an eye out for these times in order to get a better deal.

Finally! Know the Value of Your Trade

The first and most important thing to do is know what your trade in value will be. It’s not going to make sense if you buy a Porsche for $50,000 when it’s only worth that much because then you’re just wasting money on depreciation. Take some time calculating this number before anything else.

If buying new make sure that all warranties have been sorted out before purchasing new because after purchase there is no return or refund policy unless it’s for something really serious like accidental damage. Don’t wait until after purchase!

When buying used cars always remember that sometimes there might be some hidden problems lurking under the surface. A thorough inspection by someone with experience will help avoid any issues arising later down the line but if this isn’t possible then give yourself plenty of room for repairs should anything go wrong. Don’t expect everything to be included in the price – extras such as servicing and insurance can quickly turn a cheap deal into an expensive one.

I hope these tips help!


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