Porsche Is Planning An In-Car App Store Rollout

May 7, 2023
7:37 am

There’s not much more to do but apply your development expertise to the in-car entertainment once the driving experience has been mastered. The integration of a new set of in-car apps for use with its infotainment systems via an app store is something Porsche is working on. Well, so maybe that’s a little exaggerated. To provide its clients with a more app-integrated experience, the Group is doing this in concert with partners VW and Audi (and I guess later rollouts with other VAG brands). You’ll be thrilled to learn that you’ll soon be able to view TikTok videos on the dashboard of your automobile.

The initial app store rollout has popular apps like Spotify and Yelp that have been modified for use on a big touch screen in the center of your dashboard. This probably includes Porsche’s recently updated ROADS fun road-seeking navigation software. These apps will not only improve your driving experience by eliminating the need to navigate through your iPhone to enable Apple CarPlay, but they will also better interact with your car and screen technology.

The apps can be used for a variety of purposes. The obvious entertainment apps for news, music, and podcasts are available. To assist you to get where you’re going and get there safely, you have the always-necessary weather, parking, and navigation apps. You can use smart home integration apps to help you prepare your house for your arrival. For example, you could run the Roomba, raise the temperature by three degrees, or preheat the oven. When working remotely, there are apps for videoconferencing. For those moments when you’re parked and need to pass the time, there are games and entertainment apps. That is somewhat more likely in a Taycan or the future all-electric Macan, where you might need to be parked at a charging station for an extended period of time.

This app store is a component of a new integrated infotainment stack known as One. Infotainment, which VW Group created jointly with Harman, a company that is now a member of the Samsung brand family and is a new Android-based computing platform shared by all of its brands.

VW (and indirectly Porsche) need to put more emphasis on infotainment as the globe continues to expand screen engagement and technological innovation. Infotainment is frequently cited as the primary factor in car purchases, and its significance seems to grow daily. The rest of the industry must work to catch up to BYD and Tesla since they are putting the infotainment experience first and the driving experience second. My only wish is that Porsche never forgoes the driving experience in favor of the parking experience.


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