Porsche Extended Warranty: Facts & Figures in 2022

February 10, 2022
9:10 am

If you wonder whether Porsche extended warranty is right for you, this guide will tell you the facts and figures of the extended warranty so you can reach an informed decision.

Porsche Extended Warranty

The Porsche extended warranty provides coverage to vehicles until they are 10 years old or have completed 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. There are two Porsche extended warranty plans that you can choose from Powertrain Plan and Platinum Plan.

A Comparison Between Both Plans

Both plans vary in terms of coverage, whereas the Platinum plan is more comprehensive out of the two options. 

Powertrain Plan
Platinum Plan

If you purchase a new car, you can add on either of these coverage plans before the expiration of your Porsche factory warranty. In the case of purchasing a Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car, you can select a coverage plan at the time you buy the vehicle.

You can choose between a $100 and $250 deductible per warranty claim. However, if you perform the repairs at the selling dealership, Porsche waives the $100 deductible. A Porsche extended warranty can also be transferred for a $50 fee.

Extras included in Extended Warranty

The Porsche extended warranty also included the following extras:

Add-on Coverage

In addition to the Powertrain and Platinum plan, Porsche owners can purchase further protection plans that include:

Is Porsche’s Extended Warranty the Right Option for You?

Considering that most warranties last for eight years only, the ten-year option by Porsche sounds like a good deal. However, if you are considering the protection plan, a few factors might influence your decision.

The first drawback of getting the extended warranty is the cost of the plan. Warranty experts argue that the cost of Porsche plans is much higher than non-luxury cars. Since Porsche doesn’t advertise its warranty costs like other companies, it is hard to know the accurate figure. However, Porsche owners have reported paying $4000 to $6500 for a warranty plan.

In addition to that, research suggests that Porsche dealers often add a few hundred dollars commission on warranty costs, ultimately increasing the overall expense you would have to bear.

The purpose of an extended warranty is to cover the costs of maintenance as your car gets older and problems occur. Therefore, before deciding whether or not you want to opt for the extended warranty plan, consider these two factors:

If you think your car is reliable and might not need too many repairs, the extended warranty would not add much value. Additionally, if the factory coverage provides all the coverage your vehicle needs, buying a Porsche extended warranty would make less sense.

On the contrary, if your vehicle needs regular and intensive repairs, you can benefit from the Porsche extended warranty plans.

Final Verdict

Porsches are luxury cars that deliver high-performance and a unique driving experience. However, with high performance comes high-maintenance costs. Considering that, opting for an extended warranty seems like an attractive option.

The warranty plans offer extensive coverage and are a reliable choice. But before you decide on a plan, we recommend you to look at other options and compare their plans in terms of cost, coverage, etc., so you can make a well-informed decision.


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