The Porsche Experience

March 15, 2022
9:27 am

Are you on the lookout for having an unforgettable experience of your life with one of the most iconic sports car companies? If the answer is yes, you have to look no further because Porsche Experience has solely designed to provide these memories.

The Porsche Experience center opened in 2015 in Atlanta, and they opened the second center in Los Angeles in 2017; these two Porsche centers alone have welcomed and served more than 450,000 visitors. The PEC is more than just a driving experience center as it provides its customers with much more than that as a company and a brand.

Each visitor gets a memorable experience while visiting the center in more than one way. It provides them a closer look at a brand that has been built on experience, whether it is in gathering the most advanced technologies or an unreal experience. Porsche has it all covered. 

So, you might be speculating why you should pick Porsche Experience over the others; well, we are about to discuss what makes it different from the others.

A Brand with Off the Track Experience

Everyone is used to brands having some experience on the track; what differentiates Porsche Experience from theirs is their off-the-track experience. You can explore and be amazed at Porsche even when not behind the wheels.

They have state-of-the-art technology that can provide world-class race tracks in their simulators. You can also dive into their immersive brand culture by visiting their Heritage Gallery, a house to a grand collection of historical Porsche vehicles that define their history.

The Simulators

Get ready to experience an unreal experience by diving into the world of Porsche simulators. The Porsche simulators can provide the world-renowned racing tracks of the world in a closed environment. It gives you the thrill of driving even when you are not on an actual track. 

You can choose from several vehicles equipped with high-performance features and accurate physics. All of this is to help you improve your racing and driving abilities. Another reason which makes it great is its ability to cater to drivers of all ages to experience what it feels like to sit in a premium racing car.

Tours of the Facility & the Brand

Porsche Driving Experience is more than an everyday experience. It is a world-recognized brand, and it provides you with all its benefits. They give the PEC Atlanta tour that includes 90 minutes guided tour across every facility, including everything about the Porsche Experience, the journey of Porsche in the United States, all the facts regarding the brand, and last but not least, the One Porsche Drive. 

Besides this, they also offer VIP tours for the selected few where they get a complete demonstration lap of 1.6 miles around their development track for drivers.

Retail Accessories

Porsche also presents a whole world of accessories for its customers. You can find Retail Stores at every Porsche Experience Center, which is the only place where you can find all Porsche brands under one roof; this includes the Porsche Driver’s Selection, Porsche Design, and the Porsche Museum. 

So, if you want to have a picture-perfect souvenir to remember your Experience through Porsche, this is the right place for it. You can find different accessories, apparel, jewelry, luggage, books, model cars, along with many other prodigious products that suit your lifestyle.

Enjoy the Delicacies

The Porsche Experience is always ready to take care of your appetite with a unique and delicious dining experience. It can provide you with tasty dishes for a particular event, or you want to grab some food on the go. They have your needs completely covered if you’re going to experience fine dining comprising refined cuisines, head over to restaurant 356. 

But if you are in urgency and don’t have much time to spare, then you can quickly grab something to eat at the Carrera Café. If you have a planned event in mind,  the 356 catering can accommodate you with all the food and beverages that will make you and your guest happy.

The Forever Rich Heritage

Every guest that visits the facility gets a tour of the Porsche history. The Porsche experience provides two levels of enriched heritage gallery; it contains all the past iconic vehicle displays. The main floor comprises all the Porsche vehicles on display from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and all the private owners of these vehicles across the United States.


The is no denying that the Porsche experience is second to none, whether it’s the accommodation of visitors on track or off track. We hope that this article has helped you understand how much value Porsche provides to its customers as a brand and how it is still working to improve it.


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