Porsche: Expectations VS. Reality

August 9, 2021
8:32 am

When Porsche says that they are producing a Porsche, people expect the best. When Porsche says that they are making Porsche SUV, some may not be as excited about the idea. These two cars have something in common: expectations VS reality.

A Porsche is expected to be fast and luxurious while an SUV is expected to be slow and practical for family needs. The reality is that both of these vehicles do their job well!

Do you know what it’s like to be a Porsche owner? Do you know what it feels like to drive one? If not, read on! You may be surprised by the expectations vs. reality of owning and driving a Porsche. 

Porsche owners are often considered very wealthy people who have an extravagant lifestyle that is reflected in their cars. However, there are many things about being a Porsche owner that might come as surprise to those who don’t know any better.

For example, most Porsches make more noise than other luxury vehicles due to their engine design and construction materials used, Porsches also require regular maintenance because they do not carry traditional fuel, and finally, for some people purchasing or leasing a new car with low miles will be preferred than purchasing a Porsche with high miles.


  • Porsche owners are more likely to be seen as successful
  • You’ll have a higher chance of getting into the college or university of your choice
  • Driving a Porsche is an adrenaline rush – you know you’re in control and it’s exhilarating
  • If you take care of your car, it will last for years and years with little maintenance needed
  • The interior design is sleek and stylish 
  • Getting out on the road in your own Porsche feels like freedom


  • Expensive – Porsche cars are some of the most expensive on the market
  • Limited space – it’s hard to fit more than 2 people in a Porsche, and there is limited cargo space for groceries or bags
  • Poor gas mileage – The Porsche 911 Carrera gets an average of 17 miles per gallon, which means you’ll be spending $50 just to fill up your tank
  • Lack of safety features – Porsches don’t come with airbags or anti-lock brakes by default, meaning they’re not as safe as other vehicles on the road 
  • Uncomfortable seats – if you plan on doing any long-distance driving, you might want to invest in a seat cushion because these seats can get uncomfortable quickly 
  • Expensive maintenance costs- when something goes wrong with your car, it will cost much more money to fix than if it were another type of vehicle

Porsche- Expectations VS. Reality

You’re ready for that Porsche experience. You’ve saved up your money and think you are prepared to drive off the lot with one of these expensive beauties. But is it really what you were expecting?

Did you expect so many buttons? Did they tell you about all the extra insurance policies? And when did driving start sounding like a chore?! With so much effort put into making these cars, can’t they just focus on making them easy-driving and fun!

This is what we see in iconic advertisements of one of our most beloved automobiles made accessible to anyone who has longed to own one. With an inflated expectation comes crushing disappointment, simply because those advertising campaigns are liars, they’re images of what you think this car should look like, not pictures from reality. This product offers nothing more than freedom at a high expense and lofty expectations that will never be met by its average user.

Porsche’s marketing message is truly unbeatable. This uber-luxurious car has a history of excellence and elegance, which leads to the assumption that it’ll be ‘excellent on all levels. That’s not always the case.


  • The Porsche 911 is one of the most sought-after cars in the world
  • It’s not just a car – it’s an experience
  • There are many different models and price points to choose from, so you can find something that fits your budget
  • You’ll need to take care of your vehicle by changing oil every 3,000 miles and getting regular tune-ups 
  • A Porsche will improve your social life because people will be jealous of you for owning such a beautiful car 
  • Owning a Porsche is like having bragging rights for life!


  • You need to keep it in pristine condition
  • You will have a lot of car troubles
  • You can’t drive it in the winter, so you’ll need a garage for storage
  • It’s expensive to maintain and repair if anything goes wrong
  • If you live near water or salt air, you should consider getting rustproofing on your Porsche
  • The engine is very loud when driving at high speeds – be prepared with noise-canceling headphones!
  • You’ll have to pay for routine maintenance and repairs – oil changes every 10k miles, tire rotation every 5k miles, etc

You know what you want and Porsche has it, but does the car live up to your expectations? Many people are disappointed when they buy a new Porsche because of the expectation that there is no such thing as an ugly Porsche. But we have some great news for you! There’s nothing wrong with being excited about buying a Porsche, just don’t forget that all cars aren’t perfect- even Porsches. However, when you buy a car like this and anticipate all of the benefits it will bring to your life – namely greatness – there are many misconceptions about what owning such a luxurious vehicle entails. We can help set realistic expectations so buyers understand their options before purchase day arrives!

The Porsche company has a lot of expectations to live up to. They are known for their high-performance sports cars, luxury vehicles, and performance SUVs. Their brand image is one that’s full of prestige and quality with an air of exclusivity.

If you’re planning to buy a Porsche, read this blog post first! You’ll learn the reality of owning an expensive car. The expectations for buying a high-end vehicle like a Porsche can be daunting and alluring at the same time. Whether you are new to Porsches or not, there is something here for everyone as we explore some of the secrets behind these amazing vehicles in detail.


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