The Porsche Driving Experience

March 25, 2022
9:34 am

Porsche is the ultimate symbol of unparalleled speed and style. It delivers innovation and sheer quality resulting in an extraordinary driving experience. A Porsche driving experience allows eager admirers to get behind the wheel of their dream car for a driving thrill of a lifetime!

Anatomic curves and chiseled lines worthy of Kings, the Porsche family is an exciting fusion of design and uninhibited power that promises high-octane thrills. There’s no doubt why it is so revered and loved; Porsches look amazing, are faster than flash, and have more combined horsepower than the starting block at Ascot. The embodiment of high-performance agility, engineered perfection, and cutting-edge technology, driving a Porsche is an experience like no other.

Seventy-five years of continuous German development enable the Porsche to offer velocity-defying 0-60 mph acceleration in 4.2 seconds coupled with precision handling in a machine that is perfect for honing your driving abilities or quite simply leaving your worries behind.

Porsche Experience Centers

There are ten Porsche Experience Centers around the world. They are located in Atlanta and Los Angeles (America), Leipzig and Hockenheim (Germany), Shanghai (China), Le Mans (France), Silverstone (England), among others.

The Porsche Experience Centers (PECs) in Atlanta and Los Angeles are brand embassies and for a good reason. They offer track driving, fine dining, heritage display, shopping, and much more to visitors who want to experience everything the brand offers.

The main attraction at PECs is the ultimate driving experience of sitting behind the wheels of a Porsche of your choice.

The Ultimate Porsche Driving Experience

The highlight of every Porsche Experience Center is the Porsche Driving Experience. It features:

Both PEC facilities in the U.S include an acceleration straight, which works great to demonstrate launch control systems and braking capability. Any licensed driver is eligible to participate in the exhilarating Porsche Driving Experience. The PEC also offers a five-hour-long Young Driver course that’s available for ages 16-21. The course covers vehicle dynamics at a basic level and centers on hazard recognition, awareness, and strategic response. Group outings usually follow a scripted program at PEC, but individual experiences are customized to the driver. 

Porsche Track Experience

PECs offer unlimited driving pleasure while ensuring maximum driving safety. The Porsche track experience concentrates on the development of the driver’s skills solely. Through various levels of training, including special on-road training, the driver can hone his driving skills one step at a time. This experience takes you from learning the fundamentals of vehicle control to the application of your own race driving license. 

The Porsche Track Experience is available at 19 locations worldwide but with identical and consistent standards. With three carefully designed courses: Precision training course, Performance training course, and Master training course, you can take your driving skills to the next level.

Porsche Racing Experience

Are you an ambitious beginner who dreams of driving on Europe’s top Grand Prix tracks? The Porsche Racing Experience offers two absolutely unique programs to turn your dreams into a reality.

Porsche GT Street

The Porsche GT Trackday is a special event where you can test your driving abilities and limits with Porsche rental vehicles. It’s the perfect way to test your boundaries and push your driving skills as you enjoy the ultimate speed and spark of your Porsche vehicle.

Porsche Racing Levels

If you want to kick-start your race driving career, then this is the best way to prove your talent and start your own mission. With professional training and full-service support, you will conquer three sequential levels of Porsche Motorsport. The experts will guide you in theory and practice to set new limits, drastically improve your driving skills, and prepare you for race driving.


The Porsche brand stands out for its commitment to outstanding quality. Porsche built its first car in 1948, and two-thirds of the vehicles that have been built over the years can still be seen on roads. Quality creates value, and Porsche is a premium brand with the sole objective of satisfying its customers and creating extraordinary experiences for them.


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