Porsche 911 Pre Purchase Inspection: A Definitive Guide

December 21, 2021
10:08 am

The 911 is a popular Porsche model. It stands out for performance and a memorable driving experience. The vehicle has a long lifespan and comes with tech features its competitors cannot rival. Having the correct information is vital when buying a classic car like the Porsche 911, whether pre-owned, used, or new. 

Now that you’ve made up your mind, you want to buy a Porsche 911; you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on something that will turn a mess a few months down the line. A beautiful classic 911 advertised on the auto market can look amazing—but can come with deeply hidden problems that can cost you top dollar. That is why a pre-purchase inspection is necessary when you want to own this car.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Porsche 911

Before you begin your search or run to a dealership to look for the supercar, here are a few things you need to note before purchasing the 911 model.

1. Service & Maintenance Costs

You’re purchasing a Porsche—don’t think the service and maintenance costs of that vintage car will be equal to what you spend on your small domestic vehicle! Parts and most labor costs of the Porsche 911 are much higher than typical models. 

However, the good news, some of the parts and equipment of the 911 Porsche brand are readily available from the automaker. This sports car shares parts and accessories with its predecessor, Porsche 997. You can get most of them from third-party vendors that specialize in auto parts. 

With 911, you’ll pay much more for routine maintenance services such as an oil change. Be ready to spend extra bucks on service and maintenance if you’re going to buy the 911.

2. Service & Mileage History

Experts recommend checking out if the 911 you opt to buy displays the correct mileage. Checking the mileage is crucial since it directly impacts the buying price. Ensure to check out the mileage discrepancies before you start negotiating for a better price deal.

3. Check Out Whether Imported/Exported & Plate Changes

Look out if the car has been exported or imported. That is important because it can be hard to determine the history of an imported vehicle before its registration. Ensure to check out how many plates were used previously, and the number of registrations recorded on the car. That will help you know whether you’re buying from a genuine dealer and that nothing is hidden from you about the car.

4. MOT History Check & Valuation

MOT history and information will provide insights into how well the car was maintained by its previous owners. Looking at the condition and mileage, history, and more can help you in finding out if the 911 you want to buy corresponds with its price.

Porsche 911 Pre Purchase Inspection

Now that you’ve checked out the history of the 911 in question you want to buy, one more thing you should do is to execute a pre-purchase inspection. Here’s how to go about it.

Perform a General Check-Up

A general checkup involves inspecting all the sensitive parts of the car. Start by checking if all ball joints, steering, and suspension are in perfect working condition. Remove the tires and look for irregularities, wear and tear. 

Look if the brake pads and discs, driveshafts, brake hoses, and calipers are according to your expectations. Don’t forget to check out the state of the pieces of equipment that the wheel arch houses, such as oil lines, oil coolers, and air conditioning condensers.

Inspect the Interior & Exterior Parts of the Car

On the exterior part of the car, check if the headlamps and other lights are in perfect working condition. Inspect all lenses for cracks and chips. On the interior, check the state of the seats and seat belts. Look if all the cockpit switches and instrumentation are correct.

Underneath the Car

Under the 911 you opt to buy, you should look at whether the gearbox, fuel line, and chassis are functioning accordingly. You should also inspect the engine for leaks and mechanical damages. Next, look if the exhaust system, roll bars, and mountings are working as required.

Hire a Professional or Do the Inspection Yourself?

As you see, a pre-purchase inspection of the Porsche 911 demands a lot. It is a typical examination of almost all the parts and components of the car. Unless you are a qualified mechanic and have experience in Porsche models, it is vital to involve an expert to perform the entire inspection process. 

A pre-purchase inspection specialist will examine the 911 and provide you with a comprehensive detailed report of the car. Ensure to look for a professional auto technician experienced with the Porsche 911 to help you determine if the car is structurally and mechanically sound.


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