Everything You Need to Know About Porsche 911 & Cold Weather

February 15, 2022
9:26 am

Porsche’s reputation as a premium car often leads people to believe that it isn’t ideal for cold weather, but the truth is far from that. With proper maintenance and care, extreme weather can never dampen the performance of the Porsche 911.

The Porsche 911 is designed using the latest technology and has various safety features that make it safe to drive in the snow. With the powerful rear placed engine coupled with the rear-wheel steering and front axil lift system, the Porsche 911 is an all-rounder sports car.

Another convincing factor is that the 911 is designed and manufactured in Germany, which has its fair share of chilly weather and snow-covered roads each year. 

What Makes Porsche 911 Suitable for Cold Weather Conditions

The brand understands the hesitance around Porsche cars and winter driving, which is why they never miss an opportunity to flaunt its superiority on snow-covered roads. The Winter Driving Experience has been created to clear out any misconceptions about the car’s performance.

These advanced features make the Porsche 911 an ideal companion for winter driving.

Traction Management

Cold weather brings out the technological superiority of the All-Wheel Drive and Porsche traction management (PTM). The innovative and intelligent PTM system allocates torque to each wheel as required.

Working parallel to brake-based torque vectoring, the PTM applies brakes to the car’s inside wheels in the event of mid-corner understeer. The ABS brakes, coupled with the PTM and Torque vectoring, provide a balanced system for a rear-engine coupe.

Four-Wheel Steering

The Porsche 911 is designed using a four-wheel-drive which means the car uses both the front axle and the rear for turning instead of just using the former. Since the car uses all four wheels to make a turn, it allows for a smaller turning circle, and the car responds instantly to the turn.

Additionally, a four-wheel-drive gives the car a firmer grip on the road, making it great for driving in slippery road conditions. The enhanced responsiveness of the car’s wheels gives the driver greater control over the steering wheel, which can prove helpful in extreme weather conditions.

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

The active suspension system provides greater comfort and improved grip to the drive. A PASM-equipped Porsche 911 has a central control unit that is connected to four dampers. A single push of the PASM button activates an army of sensors.

These sensors measure factors such as body roll, steering input, and suspension bump, and the data is sent to the control unit, where the system decides which mode is ideal for the car: Normal or Sport mode.

The damper valve is restricted in sport mode, providing higher cornering performance. While on the other hand, in normal mode, the damper valves open, allowing the oil to flow freely. This setting offers a combination of comfort and performance. 

As opposed to a fixed suspension, adaptive dampers enable the onboard system to control the vehicle’s wheels instead of the road’s surface. This provides the Porsche 911 with more grip and stability.


The Porsche Active Aerodynamic (PAA) enables the Porsche 911 to react to different weather and road conditions with aerodynamic flexibility. Improved aerodynamics provide the car with firmer road grip at higher speeds.

The 911 has an innovative active rear wing with three different settings: Neutral, high-speed, and braking. The neutral setting helps the car grip better at low to medium speeds. The wing adjusts as the car speeds up and shifts into the high-speed mode. The final brake mode signals the rear wing to move into a vertical position, acting as an air brake.

The aerodynamics of the Porsche 911 is an excellent feature for cold weather driving as the active rear wing can be adjusted as per the car’s needs.

Don't be Afraid to Drive in the Cold

The Porsche 911 uses advanced technology to provide its users the ultimate driving experience, regardless of extreme weather conditions. You can also install additional snow gear, such as snow tires, studded tires, etc., on your 911 to improve its driving performance in cold temperatures.


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