2022 Porsche 911: Stronger and Sportier

November 24, 2021
10:00 am

Goldilocks, a finicky children’s fairy tale figure, would approve of the 2022 Porsche 911 GTS. With a name that stands for Gran Turismo Sport, this all-new “just right” model sits smack dab amid Porsche’s legendary sports car portfolio, symbolizing the near-ideal balance of power and performance between the base Carrera and the track-ready GT3.

While all Porsche models are intended towards drivers who appreciate the sport, the 911 GTS, which comes with an astonishing number of standard performance modifications and upgrades, is explicitly designed for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy their sports car during the week and then race it on weekends.

Reasons to Consider the New Porsche GTS Model

Comes in a Variety of 911 Body Styles

The 911 Coupe, 911 Cabriolet, and open-air 911 Targa are among these vehicles. The Coupe and Cabriolet come standard with rear-wheel drive, with Porsche Traction Management (PTM) permanent all-wheel drive available. PTM, on the other hand, is standard on all Targa variants.

The engine has been done exceptionally well by Porsche. All GTS models share the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre flat-six found in the Carrera S, but the turbochargers are given 14.5 per cent more boost to produce 473 horses and 420 ft-lbs of torque. (To avoid slowing the engine’s responsiveness, the engineers raised boost rather than increasing the size of the turbocharger units.) Although an eight-speed dual-clutch “PDK” automatic transmission is standard, Porsche is one of the few automakers that still offers a classic alternative for purists: a seven-speed manual transmission that may be selected at no additional cost.

Has Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

The adjustable dampers are accompanied by a.39-inch ride height decrease and suspension components used from the 911 Turbo versions (excluding the Targa variants). The GTS comes standard with the Turbo’s more powerful braking system, forged aluminium centre-locking wheels (20 and 21 inches in diameter), and an electronically locking rear differential.

The Porsche 992 chassis is fantastic, and the GTS improvements and tweaks make an already great car even better. I spent a bright fall day in Georgia with a Porsche 911 GTS Coupe that was manually outfitted and had all of the go-fast extras, including the Lightweight Package, carbon bucket seats, and Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB). The 200-mile journey was nothing short of a dream come true. I didn’t find a winding route in the Chattahoochee National Forest that could test Porsche’s capability while testing the gorgeous Carmine Red two-door north of Atlanta.

Substantially Stronger than the Standard Carrera & Carrera S

According to Porsche’s conservative figures, the GTS variations will eat up the benchmark zero-to-60 mph sprint in approximately 3 seconds, and it feels every bit as quick. There’s a lot of turbocharged torque that comes on quickly and without hesitation. On public roads, I believe the GTS will accelerate out of turn faster than the revered 911 GT3 with a naturally aspirated engine. And the GTS’s standard sports exhaust system sounds fantastic.

Although the suspension damping is robust, it never irritates passengers with harshness or jolting impacts. (Independent of driving mode, PASM allows the driver to adjust stiffness.) The lower ride height and sporty suspension of the 911 provide precise steering inputs and minimal body roll. When you throw the GTS into a curve, its wide rear tires dig in and stay put, with little understeer or resistance from the front end. Because of the level of competence, the posted speed limits appear absurdly low. I go for hours doing this activity, only pausing to find my water bottle. It slid totally out of sight and lodged itself securely between the seat rails.

Sport Design Package

Porsche distinguishes the exterior of the GTS vehicles visually by including the SportDesign Package as standard equipment. Black borders and accents on the window mouldings, badging, grille slats, and exhaust pipes have replaced much of the brightwork. The compulsory “GTS” badging can also be found on the bottom sections of the doors and on the tail. The roll hoop is completed in black on the Targa models to complete the change.

Unique Interior Upholsteries

The GTS lineup’s interior is outfitted with unique upholsteries and special option choices to make it apart. The seat cushions, steering wheel, and door handles are all made of black Race-Tex, a high-quality microfiber material. The Sport Chrono Package is standard, and the interior trim is darkened to match the external style. Carmine Red and Chalk are two unique GTS Interior Packages available. Throughout the interior, including the headrest embroidery, each adds coloured contrast stitching. The GTS Interior Packages also add extra Race-Tex fabric to the cabin and replace much aluminium trim with carbon fibre inlays.

Seat Design Variation

Sport bucket seats come standard with four-way adjustments, but they may be upgraded to 14-way and 18-way adjustable seats for a fee. On the GTS, a race-ready, carbon-fibre full bucket seat that is much lighter is also available. While the form-fitting seat saves weight, the fixed seatbacks don’t adjust for rake, which is why most people find the GTS’s fixed seatbacks a little too uncompromising.

Light Package

An optional Lightweight Package is now available for the GTS, saving up to 55 pounds (weight is an enemy of performance). The upgrade eliminates the cramped rear seats, replaces the side and rear windows with thinner glass, adds a lightweight battery, and reduces sound insulation. Rear-axle steering is standard. The rear underbody panels have also been reshaped for enhanced aerodynamics, and the motorized rear spoiler has been tilted four degrees higher. This vehicle is the first GTS to ever produce downforce, thanks to these minor tweaks.

The Lightweight Package is both a blessing and a curse. While it improves performance positively, I believe that few people will notice the weight loss until they weigh the GTS (or timing a lap with a stopwatch). On the other hand, everyone will notice a significant increase in cabin noise. With the Lightweight Package, the turbocharged flat-six is noticeably louder, increasing the audible thrill and increasing tire and wind noise. Due to the increased cacophony, everyone but the most dedicated fans of the enhanced sports car experience—at all times—might choose to forgo it.

Final Thoughts

Porsche is no stranger to the world of performance vehicles, and they know how to make their models stand out from the crowd. The GTS—a special version of a 911 Carrera that combines potent power with cutting-edge design changes inside and out—is certainly distinctive on the outside thanks to its black accents and racing stripes. On the inside, it stands apart as well with race-inspired upholstery choices in either Carmine Red or Chalk White contrast stitching. As always though, Porsche knows how to offer some options for those who want them.

The 2022 Porsche 911 GTS is really easy to like. Even though Porsche has a dizzying array of 911 variants, with a roster that appears to be growing all the time, the GTS is possibly the most adaptable of them all. It’s perfectly balanced between luxury and athleticism, and it’s neither too soft nor too harsh. The Porsche 911 GTS is “exactly right” for the passionate driving specialist, which is why Goldilocks would have one in her garage.


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