11 Awesome Tips for Porsche Enthusiasts

June 22, 2021
10:10 am

If you are a Porsche enthusiast or know someone who is, then this blog post is for you! We will be discussing 11 tips that we think all Porsche enthusiasts should follow to make sure they get the most out of their ownership. These tips can help with everything from how to maintain your car’s condition, to what type of driving shoes work best for those long drives. 

Read on to learn these 11 awesome tips that only Porsche owners would know about!

Tip One: Keep up with Maintenance Schedules

This tip is for those Porsche owners out there who don’t know, or simply forgot to do the maintenance on their car. No worries–it happens! The main thing to remember with this one is that it’s better to be safe than sorry and fix your car before anything can happen. 

It will save you money in the long run, too! Not only does keeping up with regular oil changes help keep everything running properly (and efficiently), but it also means less wear and tear on your engine as well. A little bit of preventative care goes a very long way when it comes to owning a Porsche.

Tip Two: Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Did you know that a Porsche can lose up to 25% of its power when tire pressure is low? That’s because your tires need air in order for them to perform correctly, and the lighter they are on the ground, the more responsive–and powerful!–they become. Keeping track of how many pounds per square inch (PSI) your tires have will help make sure everything runs smoothly from day today. A simple check every time before you drive somewhere or get gas can save some major headaches down the line!

Expert tip: If you want to keep track of your tire pressure, try using a pen and note on the outside of your gas door. Every time you fill up, write down how many PSI each tire has so that it’s easier to remember any changes!

porsche cayenne tyre pressure guided | Porsche Madness Blog

Tip Three: Find Out What Type of Driving Shoes You Need

Whether you’re a Porsche owner or just an interested fan of the company’s products, you know that having and knowing what type of driving shoes to wear is crucial. You need something lightweight for safety reasons–you never want to be weighed down by unnecessary weight when behind the wheel! Look into different models before buying them so that they are perfect for your needs.

There are many types of driving shoes: lightweight, with cleats for grip on the pedals; waterproof or insulated if you live in a cold climate region. Make sure that your footwear is comfortable and fits well so it does not affect your ability to drive!

Tip Four: Get an Annual Porsche Maintenance Checkup

This tip may seem like common sense but it’s important–and easy!–to remember. If you want to avoid major headaches down the line, make sure that you get this type of check-up every year! It will cost less than $100 which means there really isn’t any excuse not to do it. All cars need annual maintenance as part of their routine care anyway, whether they’re used primarily for personal use or not.

Tip Five: Consider a Sport Seat To Fit Your Lifestyle

Sports seats are very popular in Porsche models because they provide the best of both worlds–the ability to switch between comfort and performance for different driving conditions, without having to buy two separate sets of equipment that only meet one need! 

With this type of seat, you have the option to use either sporty buckets or more traditional bench-style seating…and it’s all within easy reach too. It’s also worth noting that these types of seats can be installed on any model so if you’re looking at buying an older car but want some modern perks like a sports seat with better back support than its original set included, then there is always hope!

1999-porsche-boxster | Porsche Madness Blog

Tip Six: Invest In Floor Mats

Investing in a set of floor mats is one way to protect your Porsche from the dirt and grime that you might track inside. You don’t want to damage those beautiful carpets with spilled drinks or mud, so invest now!

You can find affordable sets on Amazon like this 2018-2020 Style Rear Floor Mats for Porsche Panamera S Hybrid Front Seat Carpet Mat Black Color which come in many different styles depending on what best suits your needs. This package comes with four pieces of carpet matting for the rear seats as well as front seat coverage, designed specifically for Porsches such as yours.

Tip Seven: Protect Your Engine

Your engine is the heart of your Porsche and you should do anything in your power to protect it. One great way to do this would be by investing in a set of floor mats like those mentioned above, but another option might be an electronic car cover that will fit snugly around the vehicle to prevent any dirt or other particles from getting inside while not obstructing visibility at all.

Tip Eight: Protect Your Seats

Of course, your seats are an integral part of any Porsche so you want to protect them as well. One way you can do this is by investing in a set of seat covers that will fit snugly around the outside of each one and provide protection from everything under the sun – rain, snow, spills; they’re all covered with these bad boys.

Tip Nine: Protect Your Paint

The paint on your Porsche is a major investment and it’s important that you take the time to care for it properly so that it retains its value. One way to do this would be by investing in a set of car covers.

Car covers will keep your paint looking new while also protecting it from dirt, dust, and other substances that may have a negative effect on the integrity of the light-sensitive paint. A set of car coats can be purchased at any major auto parts store or online retailer for under $100 dollars.

porsche-paint-protection | Porsche Madness Blog

Tip Ten: Get Your Air Filter Replaced

Your air filter is a crucial part of your Porsche’s engine. Not only does it keep dust out, but it also prevents dirt and other debris from getting into the oil which could cause serious damage to your car.

It should be replaced at least once per year or more if you have pets in the house that might track unwanted substances like hair and dander onto your floor mats. A new set of filters can typically be purchased for under $50 dollars at any major auto parts store or online retailer.

Tip Eleven: Invest in Quality Tires

You would think that buying an expensive sports car means investing in high-performance tires, however, this isn’t always necessary nor affordable for every Porsche owner. 

For basic driving, most tires will work fine for your Porsche so long as they are not worn out and have plenty of treads left on them to create a solid grip on the road. If you’re looking for more performance from your car’s handling capabilities, then invest in quality tires that provide better traction but usually come at a higher price.

Additional Tips: Keep It Clean Regularly!

Porsches love clean cars just as much as anyone else does because doing so makes them feel like they’re treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Luckily, keeping your Porsche clean doesn’t have to be a difficult task unless you wait for too long of a time in between car washes or forget about them entirely!

For starters, make sure that someone is assigned as the primary driver who takes care of cleaning on a regular basis so it’s not forgotten amidst life’s hectic moments. Additionally, there are various products you can invest in to keep your whole vehicle squeaky-clean including glass cleaners and waxes which will help maintain both its exterior appearance and shine while preventing rust from forming over time.

Final Thoughts

The Porsche brand is known for its high-performance vehicles that are luxurious and sleek. These cars have a lot of power under the hood, but there’s more to owning one than just driving it around town. If you want your car to last for years and keep its condition looking good, then these 11 tips may be helpful in maintaining your vehicle’s appearance inside and out. Have any other tricks or techniques? Let me know!


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